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About Jimi

Jimi Maffei is a producer and sound engineer based in Glasgow, Scotland. He currently works as a live engineer for various venues in Glasgow including The Hug and Pint, The Blue Arrow and Stereo, and is also an experienced recording and mix engineer. 

Graduating from Sussex University in 2013, Jimi specialised in studio composition, arrangement for large ensembles and  composition for the moving image. These are all areas that Jimi has pursued and worked in since leaving university. 


Alongside his academic achievements, Jimi is also an experienced drummer, drum tech, guitarist and keyboard player. He is currently playing with King Rib and Sulka in Glasgow, and continues to be active in the local scene as a musician and producer. His experience as a performing musician, coupled with his understanding of music theory (Grade VII), means that his attitude in the studio is underpinned by a musicality which makes him suitable for a wide range of projects. 

In the past, Jimi has worked with large classical ensembles, toured with experimental theatre and recorded local bands both in the studio and on-location. His passion for live events and AV productions have also lead him to set up and run the underground collective PINK NOISE in Glasgow.

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